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About This Legend


Longineu Parsons III: Drums
Ben Harper: Lead Guitar
Juice Cabrera: Bass
Steven Neufeld: Vocals/Guitar



{UPDATE; 4/20/2016:}

This Legend is officially back at it with a new lineup.

After Chris Castillo left for personal reasons back in 2015, the band took some time to weigh their options and to recalibrate themselves as a group. They decided that they wanted to continue to create rocking, melodic pop/punk music.

They’re stoked to announce that Steven Neufeld is now lead-singing & playing guitar, and that their long-time friend Juice Cabrera {HeyMike!Craig’s Brother} will be joining This Legend as the new bassist & backing vocalist. Benjamin Harper will continue to shred as their lead guitarist, and Longineu Parsons III will keep killin’ it on drums.

Stay tuned for updates about shows, tours, & new material!
They truly appreciate their friends & fans for continuing to follow them into 2016… and they thank you guys for caring about why they are doing this in the first place.. MUSIC!


{Original BIO; circa 2014-15:}

It’s no surprise that creating a band takes a lot of work, but coming out of previously successful bands and having to start from scratch takes honest passion. For the first time in over ten years, best friends Longineu Parsons III “LP” and Ben Harper, both formerly of Yellowcard, re-united in May, 2014. They have enlisted Chris Castillo of Stanley and the Search and Steven Neufeld of HeyMike! to form This Legend.

With a world-renowned trumpet player as a dad, it was inevitable that LP would become an unstoppable musician. Starting at the tender age of two, LP quickly picked up the drums with the help of professionals drum instructors Max Roach and Art Blakey. Fast forward several years, LP would meet soo-to-be best friend and guitarist Ben Harper at Douglas Anderson School of The Arts. The two formed what would become the well-known pop-punk band Yellowcard and toured the world together for many years. Harper would later leave Yellowcard to continue his musical endeavors with his self-founded label, Takeover Records.

One of his first signings would be HeyMike!, a punk band from Camarillo, CA. The band saw moderate success throughout the mid-2000’s with the help of Harper’s guidance. Harper and Neufeld, the band’s singer/guitarist, became close friends during their time working together. Also spawning from the local scene, Castillo (having previously played in several San Gabriel Valley bands including Stanley and the Search) caught the attention of NOFX guitarist El Hefe and wife Jen Abeyta, as a significantly talented singer/songwriter.

After LP’s departure from Yellowcard in March of 2014, he partnered with Harper to collaborate again. Unsure of what was to come musically, the duo wanted to lean on El Hefe for advice. El Hefe suggested they begin writing with Castillo, a musician he and Jen had taken under their wing for some time. After solidifying a singer, guitarist and drummer, a bassist and backing vocalist was needed. The group enlisted long time friend Neufeld to fill the slot. 2014 would prove to be the perfect year of break-ups and make-ups.

In May of 2014, the band would sign to Cyber Tracks, an LA based record label owned by El Hefe (guitarist of NOFX) and Jen Abeyta. Upon selecting the band name This Legend, LP stated, “It’s a positive statement to say, ‘no matter who you are and no matter how many times you get put down in the world, you can look at yourself in the mirror and see a legend’.”